2016 Reading Challenge Progress

So last year I didn’t do the reading challenge and I just plodded along, reading quite a few books in 2015 but not with any goals in mind. When 2016 rang in, I saw friends on Goodreads setting their reading challenges and I thought it would be good to set myself one too.

I didn’t want to overdo it and say like 100 books to be read in the year because I don’t really like to fail and I could just imagine my anxiety growing as I was falling behind and cursing my New Year optimism.

So I set my goal at 52 books for 2016. 1 per week is definitely do-able for me and whilst this might not seem like a challenge if I know I can manage it, I felt it was enough to manage around a full time job and studying for a degree!

So how am I doing as we are nearing half way through the year?

Well, I’m ahead of schedule with 26/52* books read!

I’m pretty happy with this, although I feel I’ve cheated a bit as I added 4 uni textbooks to my read shelf. I did read them though so I suppose it’s not really cheating, is it?

If anyone has set themselves a reading challenge or reading goals, I hope you are making progress and most of all, that you’re enjoying it 🙂


*This was written as of 24/05/16

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