Book Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Published: May 2015 by Bloomsbury

Genre: Young Adult / New Adult / Fantasy

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

So I know that I am way behind on my SJM, having only fairly recently read Throne of Glass which I was surprised to find I really like. In light of this, I realised I was missing out entirely on what I had considered to be lame YA novels. (GASP! I know, blasphemy!)

Well I am a total convert to YA – or actually more NA (New Adult) which is the slightly higher end of the age bracket (say 18-30). I’m 31 but will be forever 21 in my heart (and hopefully looks!) so I’ve always been slightly put off by some of the more brooding teenage literature *cough Twilight cough*.

Oh, how I was wrong. Not about Twilight; nothing will get me reading that series. No, I was wrong about some of the wonderful books in the YA/NA category that have come out over the past couple of years and I’d previously dismissed. There seems to have been a surge in this genre and it’s great. Not only is it beckoning young readers and inspiring a new generation of writers, it’s becoming more accessible for anyone and everyone to read; even some over-30 year olds like me.

The other thing that is wonderful about the rise in well written YA/NA books is how diverse they can be in tackling real world issues. From mental health to poverty; from LGBT to race: there are so many books talking about things that young readers may not have been exposed to before.

While ACOTAR is not really tackling any hard issues, it’s a great book nonetheless. I’ve seen it floating around the bookisphere since it was published last year and then all the hype started again when A Court of Mist and Fury (book two) was recently released. So I decided that I’d get on this as I liked Throne of Glass so much. This book did not disappoint.


This is true fantasy, entwined with it’s own fables, myths and lore; touched by magic and epicness.

At it’s heart, is a love story and this drives the characters in their actions and decisions; but it’s much more than a romance novel. There’s revenge, anguish and suspense. Sarah J. Maas has created a fantastical world where fairy-tales are re-imagined, and while I felt Beauty and the Beast moments almost the whole way through this book, I loved it for that. I want to read fairy-tales and re-capture that feeling of idolising a Disney princess – but that’s not really appropriate for anyone over the age of 12. This book gives you all those feels and more. Because it’s aimed at an older crowd, you feel right reading this, like this is what you have been waiting for this whole time that you’ve been being judged for going into the Disney store and looking longingly at those princess dresses made for 6 year olds. (That’s not just me right?)

So in conclusion…This book is awesome and I can’t wait to get started on A Court of Mist of Fury (over 600 pages whaaat?!)





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