Random Ramblings: Update on Things

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post on anything. It’s also been a while since I managed to finish a book…

What I’m Reading

I’m currently reading A Court of Mist and Fury and about a third of the way into it and I’m not liking it as much ACOTAR although it has just started to get better so I’m going to try and finish that this weekend.

I did also start a couple of books but didn’t get very far with them so I won’t mention them here. The last book I finished was The Girls which I didn’t like and took me ages to get through so I think that put me in a bit of a slump to be honest.

What Else Is Going On

Apart from reading (or lack of) I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. I got a confirmed place on the uni course I wanted which is great! This meant having to give notice at work which was pretty traumatic as I’ve been at the same place for over a year now and made some great friends. With a month left at work, it’s all go trying to finish up projects etc. I’m really excited to become a student, even if I am going to be a little older than most of the people on my course (I’m 31 eek), hopefully it will be an eclectic mix!

This Weekend

I’m so gutted that I can’t go to YALC this weekend, but I just can’t afford going all the way to London (from Blackpool) and staying over etc. To those who are lucky to get themselves there, I hope you have an awesome time! My plans are 1) haircut, 2) henna hair dye which takes over 4 hours, 3) wine, 4) reading/movies/TV, 5) more wine. Oh also, I got some new makeup/beauty products (all cruelty free) so I’m going to try them out this weekend.

Hopefully I will have a review or at least an interesting blog post going up this weekend (if my ISP sorts out the recent problems!) so until then, have fun and take care!

Here’s a cute cat for making it to the end



6 thoughts on “Random Ramblings: Update on Things

  1. Firstly, that cute cat is adorable!
    And, more importantly, congratulations on getting onto the uni course you wanted and good luck with finishing up at work.
    I would have loved to go to YALC too, but when you’re 35 and don’t have a babysitter… However, your alternative weekend plan sounds great 🙂


  2. Beautiful pic at the end.All the best with uni and winding up at work.Sorry about saying bye to all your friends and the job but great opportunities lie ahead.We are never too old for school.I’m a year older than you and in my final semester at uni 🙂


    • Thank you for this – I’ve been so glad of all the encouragement I’ve received from friends/family and coworkers, so lovely to hear! Getting excited about it now, such a big change! Good luck with your last semester – You’ll be graduating before you know it 🙂


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