National Poetry Day! Here’s My Contribution

I’ve only just begun to dip my toe into the world of poetry but I have to say that I am already astounded at some of the pieces I’ve read and heard.

As a complete newcomer, I have nothing on some of the great poets throughout history nor the modern poets both famous and not. Even so, I’ve given it a try and here is one I’m sharing with the world.

Image result for wanderlust

Some talk of Wanderlust,

of seeing the world,

with Paris a must.


Many feel that urge to roam,

to travel, to visit,

anywhere but home.


I too, could make haste

venture to lands afar,

watch a thousand prismatic sunsets

that might fracture my heart ajar.


But this idea is just not me.

The call, the desire,

the longing to be free.

For I am content,

with a book and a cup of tea.




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